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Forensic Multimedia Analysis

  • Demultiplexing to separate individual camera views originally recorded on a single analog VHS videotape
  • Acquisition of video from Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs), including from DVR and NVR hard drives, and systems using proprietary CODECs (compressor/decompressors) and/or proprietary viewing software, with conversion to standardized formats
  • Enlarging regions of interest within evidence imagery
  • Clarification of poor quality video from CCTV systems using scientifically validated algorithms to reduce the effects of signal noise, compression artifacts, blur from various sources, and inadequate lighting conditions
  • Video playback speed correction and time reference synchronization
  • Recovery of multimedia files from obsolete digital storage formats such as “floppy discs”, deleted from flash media cards, and optical discs (such as CD-R and camcorder DVDs) that were not properly finalized
  • Analysis of analog and digital video recordings to detect and document undisclosed edits, redactions, and copies purported to be originals
  • Comparison of CCD and CMOS imaging sensor anomalies to compare evidential images to exemplars from an individual camera
  • Close range photogrammetry to obtain linear, area, and angular measurements from evidence recordings
  • Extraction, processing, aspect ratio correction, and enlargement of still images from video

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