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PRIVATE TRAINING: With Private Training, you are trained one on one by a highly skilled instructor who will work with you on your schedule. You can advance at your own pace, starting with your current skills. All equipment, range fees, firearms, ammunition, etc., is provided.

INTRODUCTION TO FIREARMS: This training can be delivered to a small group or one on one. Orientation/training for those interested in learning about firearms and potentially making the decision to carry or keep one around the house. Safety is stressed at all times. The trainee will learn how and why a firearm operates, starting with a basic pistol. Everything could be provided; all training material, pistols, eye and ear protection, ammunition, holsters, etc., if needed. The trainee need only arrive with and open mind and a willingness to learn.

BASIC HANDGUN TRAINING:This training is designed for a small group or one on one firearms skill development. With the exception of a few states, this training can be provided anywhere in the United States. Safety is stressed at all times during this second level fundamentals course. Trainees must have either our Introduction To Firearms training or a similar accepted prerequisite. One day from 9 AM until 430 PM with regular breaks and an hour for lunch.

INTERMEDIATE PISTOL: 2 days of more detailed training incorporating and improving on Basic Handgun and Team Defensive Pistol. This course should take the trainee to their next skill level. Incorporating shooting solutions and deployment from concealed and vehicle, Intermediate Pistol is critical for anyone who carries a concealed firearm. All training equipment, pistol, holster, ammunition, eye and ear protection is available.

Every Day Carry (EDC) – Defensive Pistol Training

MAY 15TH, 2021

Homestead Training Center - 11700 SW 304 Street Homestead, FL 33033 / ECHO RANGE

We are frequently asked, “should I carry my pistol every day?”   “How do I safely draw from concealed carry?” “What holster should I use?”   “How will I know when to draw my pistol and will it be legal when I do?”   “What happens if I shoot someone?”  “When is it really self-defense?”   

The first class was quickly booked and successful.   This is our 2nd EDC class after many requests.   The drills will be different than the first EDC in case you want to come shoot again.

EDC Defensive Pistol is for those who either carry every day or those who may feel that they are not quite ready to be armed on a regular basis.    This is a fundamentals pistol class with heavy emphasis on safety, accuracy and skills efficiency.    Attendees will learn basic defensive pistol tactics, pistol retention, concepts of distance and reaction defense, presenting pistol from concealed while being exposed to several potential survival scenarios.  

There has never been a time in history that is more potentially dangerous in terms of street crime and the need to protect yourself and your family.     Continued, professional training is the only way to be prepared. This training will help you develop a solid protection plan.     If you don’t have a concealed carry permit, this training will qualify you for the permit in any state.  Class size will be small and limited to 10 shooters. Cost - $225.

Time:  9 AM sharp to 4 PM with breaks approximately every hour with one hour for lunch.

Lunch:  Bring your lunch in a cooler with plenty of water, Gatorade.

Register by writing Wayne Black at wbb@wbgroup.us or call 305 525 8013.  Registration is on a first come, first paid basis.  Call or write if you have equipment questions.   You will get more out of the training if you have good, serviceable equipment – see attached link.  You will receive more info after register.


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